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What Are the Common Pump Repairs You Should Know?

If you’re wondering whether you need a pump repair, there are some common things to check to prevent a problem. These include corrosion, erosion, and leaks. You can save thousands of dollars by repairing your pump the first time instead of spending more money on repairs. 

Checking For Leaks

If you notice a low water level in the well, you may have a leak, wiring, or line voltage issue. Use a VOM to check the pump circuit and the voltage of the water supply line. Part of the casing may be collapsed or crack, causing groundwater leaks. A well repair company for pump repair NYC, can inspect your well for leaks and perform repairs. In some cases, leaks can be repaired by inserting a sleeve.

Leaks on the discharge side of the pump are typically caused by a cracked or ill-fitting seal. This is especially common in Schedule 40 PVC pipes, which often shrink with heat. If the pipe leak is from the housing, a housing repair can solve the problem, but an older pump will likely need an entire replacement.

Checking For Static Lift

Static lift occurs when there is air in a pump and can be caused by leaks in the pump, pipeline, or couplings. This air should be removed by venting the pump. The pipe should also be checked for friction losses. If the static lift is high, you can lower the pump closer to the source material or raise it higher. You can also use larger discharge pipes to reduce pipe friction losses. In addition, make sure the motor is receiving the correct voltage and frequency. Using a vacuum gauge and pipe dope, you can also check for static lift. This tool will show you the amount of static lift your pump has. It will also show you the vertical distance from the gauge tap to the product level. 

Checking For Corrosion

Corrosion is a problem that can cause a variety of problems, including low water pressure, reduced water flow, and rust. It occurs gradually and is more common in older pipes. It can also be worsened by acidic water. It’s important to check your water for a metallic taste or brown tint.

Corrosion affects a pump’s internal and external components, making it harder to maintain its performance. It can also cause fluid to become contaminated, which may lead to pump failure. 

Checking For Erosion

Erosion control work includes applying sediment control materials to areas where planting is likely to occur. It also includes the preparation and installation of plants. Often, erosion control and landscaping are combined on the same project. For this reason, you should review both specifications before starting any project.

Whenever a significant storm event is forecast, you should check the area for erosion and another sediment buildup. You may need to build a temporary berm to reduce the erosion risk. In this case, you will need to check the berm daily to ensure it is not eroding. 

Checking For Wear

While performing pump repairs, it is important to check for wear at the central parts and auxiliary devices. Wear in these areas can result in a noisy or overheated pump. In severe cases, the pump may even freeze and stop working. Therefore, checking for wear is vital in preventing further damage to the pump.

Checking for wear is particularly important when pumping solids. It may be difficult to see, but the lining of the suction line can wear away and cause partial blockage, resulting in a low discharge pressure and a high vacuum. 

Checking For Thermal Growth

Thermal growth is a common problem that can occur in machines. For example, it can occur when the temperature inside a rotating machine goes above a certain point. This causes the machine to expand in all directions. The main reason is that the machine is mostly metal, and a high temperature will make it expand in all directions. The coefficient of linear thermal expansion explains why this happens.

Thermal growth can cause problems in pumps. This is because pumps naturally become hot when they are operating. The heat can cause the pump’s mounting bolts and fasteners to loosen. This can cause misalignment of the pump.

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