Hey, it’s Mac. A financial advisor/real estate up the coast of Oregon. A Back to the Future nerd, obviously. I’m pretty much obssessed with what the future holds. Maybe that’s why I’m very passionate about doing my best all the time but also still living the present while thinking of the future.

I’m actively looking for ways to improve my skills and am always willing to learn new ones. I love going to conferences and TEDTalks if there’s one in my area. I feel like that’s one of the best ways to really understand what you wanna do in life and plan out how to navigate towards success.

I created this blog because I know there are people out there who are just as enthusiastic as I am to see what the future holds for them. And would want to come prepared when that time comes. Living the present with no fear of what the future holds is probably one of the best thing you can give yourself.