• Are you looking to sell your home in St. Louis, Missouri? If so, here are some tips that can help you sell a home even faster.
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    How to Sell a Home in St. Louis, MO

    The housing market in St. Louis is hotter than ever. If you’re looking to sell a home, there’s no better time. To help get your house sold quickly, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about selling a home in S. Louis. From taking a cash offer to how to prepare your home for sale, think of this as your go-to guide for getting your home sold. Let’s jump in and get your house off the market. Selling Your Home As-Is When it comes to getting your home sold quickly, there’s no faster way than selling your house for cash, as-is. When you sell your home this way, there’s…

  • Buying a home is a huge decision. We're here to help with this guide featuring the best home buying advice your realtor doesn't want you to know.
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    The Best Home Buying Advice Your Realtor Doesn’t Want You to Know

    If you’re getting ready to buy a home, you probably have millions of questions racing through your mind. For example, how much house can you afford? Do you need a realtor? What about neighborhoods, school districts, and commute times? However, we want to remove the veil and talk about some things your realtor might not tell you. This home buying advice is crucial for avoiding financial upsets and other issues in the future.  Keep reading for some home buying tips your realtor might not want you to know.  Get Preapproved Before You Start Shopping Figuring out your own budget is important, but your assessment may not accurately reflect your lender’s…