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Security Bollards: Why It Matters For Your Safety

Security Bollards provide an extra layer of security for your premises. Most are automatic and can be monitored remotely. They are also convenient as they can be lowered or raised in seconds. They can also be linked with access control systems, intercoms, and remote transmitters for added convenience. And they are easy to integrate with existing solutions.

Block Vehicle Access to Storefronts

Security bollards are available in a range of designs and hues. Crash-resistant and non-crash-resistant are the two main categories. Additionally, they can be fixed or mobile. Security Bollards can also be designed to blend into the overall look of a storefront.

Security Bollards are ideal for preventing vehicle intrusions to retail establishments. A well-placed security bollard, even the security bollards columbia sc, can protect your building from ram-raiding and other vehicle-related accidents. Installing bollards is a quick, inexpensive and effective way to protect your property.

Resist High-Speed, Heavyweight Impacts

Anti-ram/crash bollards are essential in securing buildings and public places to withstand high-speed, heavyweight impacts. They offer a safe haven from high-speed car crashes while allowing pedestrians and other vehicles to pass. They also have an essential anti-terrorism function.

Anti-ram/crash bollard strengths and resistance levels are determined by various factors, including the potential threat, speed, and size of vehicles. Depending on these factors, you can choose a bollard suitable for your location.

Provide a Deterrent to Trespassers

Security Bollards are a valuable tool to deter trespassers. They can also be used to block off areas for vehicles. They are used anywhere unauthorized personnel are not allowed, such as in banks, government buildings, and supermarkets.

Security Bollards are usually brightly-colored to ensure visibility from a distance. The bright color makes the bollards easier to spot and may also prevent drivers from accidentally hitting them. Bollards can also be black, which can blend into the background.

Prevent Collisions with Storefronts

Security Bollards are a great way to make your storefront safer for pedestrians and drivers. These impact-resistant posts are sold in various colors and shapes, and they can prevent vehicles from crashing into storefronts. According to the Storefront Safety Council, approximately 60 storefront crashes occur daily, and bollards can control them by providing a barrier between vehicles and storefronts.

While most security bollards are placed in front of a building, they can also be used to separate the sidewalk from the road to reduce confusion for pedestrians. They can also be used to block entry into a private parking lot.

Durable and Stable

Security Bollards are solid and durable structures that deter burglars and criminals. They come in two basic types: fixed and telescopic. Fixed bollards are embedded in concrete for optimal strength and impact resistance. Telescopic bollards can be lowered into the ground when not in use.

The design of security bollards requires careful planning and research. It must satisfy all requirements for reliability, sturdiness, and beauty. Focus groups, mock-ups, and analysis must be used to improve the basic concept. Safety, longevity, and functionality will be the foundation for the ultimate aesthetic design. Once the final design is complete, the prototypes must be tested for safety before being finalized and made available for purchase.


Security Bollards are a great way to protect non-motorized areas such as parks and playgrounds. They prevent cars from entering pedestrian areas while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of a building. These bollards are non-intrusive and can be decorated with lights or other features. They aren’t designed to provide complex security, but they provide visual barriers to deter vehicle ramming and prevent minor collisions.

Bollards are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are typically 115 mm in diameter and 500 mm high and are fitted with a rear reflective strip. Security Bollards can be manually or remotely operated using a dedicated control panel, such as PERSEO CBD or PERSEO CBE.

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