Are you looking for the best local real estate agent to help you sell your home? Ask your potential agent these 5 important questions during the hiring process.
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5 Questions to Ask a Local Real Estate Agent Before Hiring Them

When selling a home, you want to work with the best local real estate agent to ensure you get the best possible outcome and fast. However, with so many results for “real estate agent near me” it can be challenging picking the top one. 

Lucky for you, we’ve prepared a list of five questions to ensure you find a real estate agent that offers quality service and is stress-free. 

Keep reading and find out.

1. How Long Have You Been Working as a Real Estate?

The best real estate agent is one who’s been in the industry for a while. While an agent might have worked so hard to get his real estate agent’s license, there’s so much that one can only learn on the job. 

When selling your house, it’s not the time to experiment with your freshly licensed friend or cousin. Also, watch out for part-time real estate agents, ideally look for an agent who’s solely invested in the industry.

2. How Much Commission Do You Charge?       

Perhaps the most important question for you as a first time home seller is this the commission charged. The agent doesn’t make money on the buyer. The fee comes from the final selling price.

Asking this lets you know how much you can expect to get from the sale and also helps avoid confrontations later on.

The average real estate agent commission in the United States was 5.656% in 2020. However, this price will fluctuate from state to state, depending on various factors.

3. How Will You Help Me Sell In a Competitive Market? 

Real estate in the United States is red hot right now. There are so many houses on the market right now, and the prices are competitive. 

To ensure the selling process goes smoothly and without a hitch, you need to ask this question. The response you get will help you understand if the agent is well equipped and prepared to sell your house.

With this question, you’ll get to understand if your house will stay on the market for a while, or you can expect to close soon enough.

4. How Many Clients Are You Working With?  

It can be frustrating when you’re trying to reach your agent, and the phone is always busy or going straight to voicemail. To make matters worse, they seem to take all the time in the world to get back to you. Asking this question will help you know if the agent you’re considering has too much on their plate to give your property enough time and attention.

They might be the top-rated agent around and still have difficulties selling your home due to their huge workload. Ideally, get an agent that works with a team, and their client list isn’t too big.

5. Do You Have Review and References From Former Clients?

There’s no better way to gauge an agent’s success rate than looking at the reviews left by former clients. You want an agent who has stellar reviews from their past clients. 

This will give you confidence in their services, knowing that they’ve previously offered satisfactory service to others. This increases the chances of a satisfactory outcome for you.

Sell Your Home Fast With a Local Real Estate Agent

When selling a house, never fail to ask your local real estate agent these questions. They’ll ensure you sell your home for top prices and fast.

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