If you're looking to buy a home, the deed and land title will become familiar to you soon enough. What exactly is on a land title? Learn here.
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What Exactly Is on a Land Title? Home Buying 101

Have you ever wondered why property owners need a land title, and exactly what it does for them? If you’re planning to buy land, it makes sense to get familiar with real estate legal terminology.

To sum it up, a title gives you ownership. You need it to prove that you own your home or land, and to know where your territory begins and ends.

Your home title spells out your address and name and states that you are the owner. Here’s an overview of what a land title is and what it needs to say.

Is a Title and a Deed the Same Thing?

When you’re buying or selling land documents that you need to sign never seem to stop showing up. But it’s helpful to understand what the key documents are for. Two of these are the title and the deed.

Although many people don’t realize this, having a “title” is actually a state of possessing something. So the title documentdescribes the owner, the property address,and what the propertyis.

Remember not to confuse this with an entirely different document, the deed. Unlike a title, a deed has to do with the sale of the property and conditions necessary for a sale to take place. Many people think that a deed and a title are the same things, but it’s important to remember that they’re different documents.

Land Title or Property Title?

So exactly what is on a title document, besides a description of the property? Is it possible to make do without one?

A title lists things like what you can and cannot do on the property, such as if it’s for commercial, farming, or residential use. It will also tell you if you have to share any part of your land with the neighborhood due to an easement, or if you’re allowed to drill for oil. 

A property title is sometimes called a house title or a land title. Whatever its name, it’s functionally the same document. It’s important to store your title and all related documents in a secure, fireproof location. Because without it, you can’t prove that you have ownership. 

Related Documents

Besides your property title, you’ll also sign mortgage and home insurance documents, and other paperwork. You should always get title insurance to cover you in case there’s an unknown lien on your property. Without title insurance, you could be stuck with unexpected debt leftover from the previous owner.

How to Get a New Home and Property Title

If you’re wondering how to buy a home and get all the legal documents handled, you’ll want to talk to a real estate professional. Your real estate agent or title attorney will guide you through the process.

They’ll help you find a good home and take care of the financing, land title, insurances, and all other matters. It may seem overwhelming at first, but all homeowners go through the same process. So don’t worry! 

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