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Looking To Live Cheaper? Here Are the Cheapest US Cities To Live In

You’re probably thinking about moving to a cheaper city. The high cost of city life is getting to you, and a change is becoming necessary. But have you researched what the best US cities for a cheaper living are? If not, then this article will help you find out exactly that.

Memphis, Tennessee

One of the cheapest cities to live in, Memphis is a wonderful example of why living cheaper is better. If we look at the cost of living in Memphis, it falls 17.3% below the US average. That makes Memphis a paradise for those of you who want to live cheaper. The average rent for a studio apartment is $589, compared to the US average of $949!

If you’re looking to buy a house in Memphis, then expect prices around the range of $85,700. In the rest of the US, people will bite your hand off for such a deal. But living in Memphis doesn’t come without its cons. For starters, the humidity can make it difficult for most Northerners. Degrees regularly hit over 100 F.

Amarillo, Texas

Amarillo is even cheaper than Memphis. The average cost of living falls 18.6% below the US average, but housing is more expensive at around $136,000. Compared to the Texas average, that’s $60,000 lower. With a population of just over 200,000, Amarillo is a community-centered city that can be your new home.

A fun fact for you, toothpaste is 25% cheaper in Amarillo compared to the rest of the US. Not only that, but a visit to the vet is also cheaper, around 13%, and residents have a median household income of $50,000. Amarillo is the third cheapest city in Texas to live in. But wait until we get to the two others.

Joplin, Missouri

There is one particular reason why you might want to move to Joplin, Missouri. Housing is a huge problem in the US. In the big cities, it’s impossible to buy a house without drastically overpaying. But in Joplin, expect cheap housing, around $123,000, and expect housing-related costs to be 45% below the national average.

Joplin is becoming a city that everyone looks to move to. However, with a population of only 50,000, most of the younger residents are moving out while older people are moving in. This shift in population might make Joplin even cheaper to live in.

Joplin constantly ranks in the Top 5 cheapest cities in the US to live in. While national researchers get their data from various sources and rank based on numerous criteria, public transportation is one of those criteria. And for Joplin, public transportation is very cheap compared to the rest of the US. One more thing that might catch your eye is that healthcare is also very cheap compared to some other states.

Overall, not moving to Joplin is perhaps the reason why the expensive cost of living is preventing you from becoming a millionaire.

Kalamazoo, Michigan

With a city population of just over 76,000, Kalamazoo is not a city that most people get excited by. But where Kalamazoo stands out is the very cheap cost of living – 21.6% below the national average! For many residents, Kalamazoo is a paradise to live in. The city, although small, is very well run and has all the amenities for modern living.

One of the reasons why you might want to move to Kalamazoo is the relatively close proximity of Western Michigan University. As a matter of fact, the University and some other notable companies are the main drivers for the local economy.

With that said, the median home value in Kalamazoo is around $111,000 with the median household income being $42,000. Even with relatively cheap housing, you should avoid renting apartments in Kalamazoo since the city is popular with college students. So, expect a studio apartment to rent for around $563.

McAllen, Texas

And the winner for the cheapest city to live in the US is McAllen, Texas. The cost of living in McAllen is 24% below the national average. With a population of just under 145,000, McAllen offers far more employment opportunities than both Kamalazoo and Joplin while being cheaper at the same time.

However, there is a reason why McAllen is so cheap. For starters, it lies close to the US-Mexico border. The median home cost comes at $134,000 while rent at $648. Healthcare is by far the cheapest in McAllen, with 70% less expensive than the US average.

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