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The Benefits of Using a Kydex Competition Holster for Your Next Match

Whether you’re an aspiring competition shooter or a veteran, the right gear can give you that competitive edge. And one of the best pieces of equipment you can invest in is a quality Kydex competition holster.

These holsters are designed to fit revolvers precisely, so they will keep your gun where you want it and release it quickly. They’ll also protect your handgun from damage, including scratches, rain, and sweat.


A high-quality Kydex competition holster should have several features designed to make it as comfortable as possible to carry your gun. These can include a sweat shield to reduce contact with your skin and adjustable ride height and cant, which will help you achieve an ideal weight distribution.

A quality Kydex holster should also be custom-fitted to your specific gun. It will ensure that it won’t catch on your trigger or the trigger guard, which could cause an accidental discharge.

In addition, a well-designed holster should be built with solid belt clips or loops to keep it in place throughout the day. These will keep your holster securely fastened to your gun belt so that it doesn’t snag on your jacket or other clothing while walking through the woods.


When looking for the best competition holster, you want one that is comfortable and conceals your firearm well. It is essential for both competition and everyday carry.

A high-quality Kydex competition holster is made of durable and hardy materials. It is molded to fit your gun’s specific make and model and maintains its shape when unholstered.

Unlike leather competition holsters, a Kydex holster will not stretch out over time, and it is impervious to sweat and solvents.

A Kydex competition holster offers several benefits, including a faster draw and one-handed re-holstering of your pistol. It also lessens the chance that your gun may fall out of the holster while running or competing.


Are you seeking a safe, durable Outside the Waistband (OWB) competition holster for your next match? Designed for durability, this hand-molded Kydex Competition Holster will hold your weapon securely while remaining lightweight and strong.

In a USPSA match, you should have good retention to keep your gun in place while completing a stage quickly after the buzzer goes off. It is essential for short-stage times and hit factors.

But more than having a holster with an excellent retention feature is required. It also has to have a design that protects your gun and makes it easy to draw your pistol.

For a holster to have the best retention, it must be made of solid material and include an efficient mechanism to tighten it. Holsters incorporate a small diameter knurled knob that allows you to adjust the retention on the fly without tools.


Kydex is a thermoplastic material heat-molded around a specific gun model to create a perfect-fit holster. These holsters are an excellent option for those looking for a lightweight, durable holster that is easy to conceal and lasts long.

Compared to leather holsters, Kydex can save you up to 10% weight by providing a much more comfortable fit. You can carry your revolver for extended lengths of time without getting tired because of this.

Another benefit of Kydex holsters is reducing friction during the draw stroke. It makes drawing your firearm easier and more efficient, which is ideal for competition shooters.

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