When selling your house, partnering with a real estate agent is a key way to get the best deal on your home and close quickly.
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5 Reasons to Work With a Real Estate Agent

It is no secret that the housing market has been booming since the pandemic began. Houses are being taken off of the market like flies, with 6.46 million homes sold in 2020. 

A lot of these homes were sold by real estate agents. But, if you are new to the market, you may be questioning why you need one. 

These are five reasons why you should work with a real estate agent to sell your house. 

1. Paperwork 

When it comes to the paperwork of selling a home, a real estate agent is likely to have a lot more knowledge of what goes into that than people who sell their houses on their own. 

People who do sell their homes on their own list this as one of the most difficult tasks to manage on their own. Not only would you get someone who knows what they are doing but you also have the burden of it completely taken off of your shoulders. 

2. Advertising Your Home 

About 46% of people who sell homes on their own do not openly advertise that they are doing so. This can result in it taking longer to have your house discovered and fewer people making a bid on your home. 

A real estate agent will likely have more marketing channels to work with, know what buttons to press, and know what features to show from your home to make it look the best. 

3. Negotiation 

A lot of people that try to sell their home on their own list getting the right price for their home as something they struggle with. Truthfully, you might not know the value of your own home and with no backup, you may take the first big number you hear. 

Real estate agents are better negotiators, and they will be more realistic and possibly ambitious about what kind of money you can get for your home because it affects what goes into their pockets too. 

4. Time 

People say that time is money, and that is especially true in real estate. By handing your house off to an agent, you are putting the burden of marketing, selling, and presenting the house entirely on their shoulders. 

You save the hassle of doing it yourself by having your house listed with someone like the Jordan Terrell Group and you can focus on getting other aspects of your life ready for a move. 

5. Inspection 

Finally, a lot of home purchases come with the condition of a house inspection. A real estate agent may be able to either negotiate this off of the table completely to save you time or at least negotiate with the inspector to minimize the process that might take for you to complete the transaction. 

If you talk to an inspector yourself, they may not let you off the hook with as many minor things, and you might not know what to ask them. 

Work With a Real Estate Agent

These are five of the best reason why having a real estate agent benefits you. Are you ready to receive these benefits? 

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