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What Makes Medium-Duty Casters Useful?

Medium-duty casters are ideal for heavy-duty applications in industries that require mobility. They can be used for various purposes, from transportation to manufacturing. In addition, medium-duty casters like Albion casters are extremely cost-effective. The hotel industry is a prime example of the widespread use of carts. In this industry, laundry carts and wagons are essential for hotel operations and can also be used for carrying food.


There are several uses for medium-duty casters in the aerospace industry. First, these casters help move heavy air cargo and luggage from one location to another. Unlike men, who must carry large loads by hand, these casters can safely carry the weight of the load. They are also used in warehouses and assembly lines.

Aerospace casters are often used in manufacturing processes. They can support hundreds of thousands of pounds and safely move heavy work items and assemblies. They are also commonly used on hangar doors. These casters must be able to support the weight of the massive doors and be easily moved by two people. Alternatively, they can be equipped with automatic switches that automatically move the doors.

Heavy Equipment Manufacturing

Medium-duty casters are popular for many applications, including material handling in industrial settings. These casters are used to transport heavy items within factories such as forklifts. They also move large items, such as concrete mixers, drill presses, and packaging material. In addition, they are more durable and safe to use than traditional flanged wheels. 

Medium-duty casters are ideal for various industrial applications, including platform trucks, material-handling carts, and vending machines. They are also used extensively in aerospace, industrial manufacturing, and heavy machinery industries. These wheels are available with hard or soft rubber, polyolefin, or urethane on aluminum wheels. Other features of these casters include a corrosion-resistant yellow dichromate finish and double-ball raceways.

These carts help workers move large, heavy objects and reduce physical exertion. They also help increase productivity by reducing workers’ time on a single task. For example, a brick kiln worker can’t do their job without a cart.

Freight Operations

Medium-duty caster wheels are ideal for use in a wide range of applications. They provide excellent shock absorption and ease of movement and can handle small to large weight loads. These wheels are made with sealed ball bearings and are available in two basic styles: rigid and swivel.

Industrial casters are made to withstand the rugged conditions of warehouses and factories. They are also highly resistant to aggressive chemicals and temperature variations. They can also withstand rough outdoor terrain. This makes them an ideal choice for warehouses and freight operations. In addition, industrial wheels with a medium-duty rating can move from 500 to 1500 pounds of material, making them ideal for heavy-duty applications.

Industrial Settings

These economical medium-duty casters are built for a variety of medium-duty industrial applications. They feature double-ball raceways, a kingpin-securing top plate, and a 2″-wide tread. Popular applications include industrial, food processing, and warehousing. These casters are also zinc plated for corrosion resistance. 

Other applications for medium-duty casters include sheet, bar, bulk, and semi-live skid carts. They are also ideal for the industrial platform, modular, and work-height carts. They are also available with locking casters for added safety.

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