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The QuickBooks Foundational Features

Whether you are using QuickBooks for the first time or if you have been using the software for years, there are some essential functions that you need to know. These functions are necessary for your business and help you get the most out of the program. These functions include Recording revenue, Accounts receivable, payroll, and Management accounting.

Recording Revenue

Using a bookkeeping system like QuickBooks can make the job of recording revenue easy. However, this task can become cumbersome as your customer base grows. Thankfully, QuickBooks has several tools to help you track and report your transactions in no time.

The first step to using a bookkeeping system is to set up an account for each customer. This could be a credit card or bank account. You might also require a savings account. These accounts need to be configured correctly from the beginning.

The best way to track revenue is to use an item type that will allow you to monitor the service that your customers are paying for. This is best achieved by selecting a style suited to your industry.

The other way to track revenue is by reconciling your accounting. If you have been paying for a product or service by check, you should record that payment as an expense on your income statement. You should also keep track of any interest payments.

It would help if you also considered using a tool such as the Intuit Quickbooks Web Connector to sync revenue rec data from your desktop software to your online QuickBooks. This will ensure you get all critical revenue rec entries.

You should also be aware that there are various methods for recording revenue in QuickBooks. You can also look up the Quickbooks premier price to see what suits your business needs.

Accounts Receivable

Managing accounts receivable is an essential component of your business. Not doing so can hurt your financial health. You should also have a well-defined process to ensure proper bookkeeping procedures. This will help you avoid mistakes and ensure your routine tasks are done correctly.

To manage accounts receivable, you should set up a system for regularly invoicing your customers. This will help speed up the payment process. You can also offer discounts to encourage early payments.

Once you have created a process for invoicing, you can use QuickBooks to create bills and invoices. This can be done quickly and easily. You can choose to create a new account for each invoice you write. You can also customize your invoices to suit your needs.

Once you have created a system for invoicing, you should follow up with your customers if they still need to pay the bill by the due date. This doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the payment, but it can give you a heads-up.

The last step in the accounts receivable process is posting payments. The finance team records the valid bill in a journal entry. They’ll also note the amount you expect in the version’s receivable balance. Then, they’ll post that amount to the general ledger as an expense.

A high turnover ratio is a good sign of a productive collection process. A smooth accounts receivable process can boost your business’s sales and profitability.


Using QuickBooks Payroll is an excellent way to streamline your accounting work. You can easily calculate your employees’ earnings and automatically deduct federal and state payroll taxes. It also keeps track of tax changes and new laws that affect your business.

Its multi-screen wizard will take you from a blank screen to complete payroll. You can select as many employees as possible and set up payroll schedules. You can also create reports and export them to Microsoft Excel.

The most important part of setting up your payroll in QuickBooks is selecting the right employees to pay. They must enter their names and pay rates. Additionally, you might need to enter their business hours. Both options are using a time-tracking tool or manually entering their actual working hours.

You can also select the location where you want to process your payroll. You can choose from your own company or any other office. You can also set up and print your own checks. If you need assistance, you can contact the QuickBooks payroll team.

The most impressive feature of QuickBooks Payroll is its ability to deduct federal and state payroll taxes. It is beneficial for small businesses with 30 or more employees. If employees work hourly, you must add their time-tracking solution and enter their work hours.

Management Accounting

Managing to account is one of the crucial parts of any commercial business. It is used to monitor and analyze the activities of a company. The information generated from it helps develop policies and strategies.

In addition to financial transactions, management accountants provide business and other information to support managerial decisions. The results of these analyses are usually visible to managers in internal reports. It helps them to develop policies based on accurate financial information.

Management accounting includes both quantitative and qualitative data. It can consist of information on employee satisfaction, supplier relationship quality, and management policy effectiveness. Forecasting short-term and long-term objectives are done using the findings of these analyses.

In addition, management accountants perform tremendous cost and economic studies. They usually warn managers about impending issues and suggest solutions. They are also involved in the development of internal reports for executives.

A management accountant is a specialized professional who analyzes and determines inventory costs, direct costs of selling goods, and other related costs. They also decide the pricing for customers and suggest improvements in sales and distribution methods.

To efficiently manage cash flow, QuickBooks helps to track expenses and income. It also automates critical financial operations, including calculating paid time off and tax deposition. It also offers tools to keep track of accounts payable and receivables.

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