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How to Dispose of Confidential Documents

Disposing of confidential documents is an integral part of running a business. It prevents unauthorized access to privileged information. Disposing of documents requires careful planning and segregation. It is also important to consider the method of disposal.

Using A Paper Shredder

Confidential documents should be disposed of properly. One way that most companies do to destroy sensitive documents in Boston and even around the globe is through paper shredders. Paper shredders are great tools for destroying confidential documents, but some alternatives can keep your information secure and save money. Unfortunately, shredders are expensive, and they often break down. You should consider the following alternatives to keeping your information safe and secure: You can use a blender to shred small amounts of paper. Be sure to blend the paper carefully, and don’t rely on a single piece of paper to shred the entire piece.

Cutting Or Shredding By Hand

Cutting or shredding confidential documents by hand is a labor-intensive process. While it may be the cheapest method, it is not the most secure. Hand shredding involves carefully tearing confidential documents into multiple pieces. This will minimize the possibility of reassembling the pieces later. When shredding smaller pieces of paper by hand, it is vital to protect your mouth from contact with the blade. You should hold the document at an angle and release it when the shredder has a grip on it. Hand-ripping documents aren’t recommended since even two centimeters can reveal a Social Security number or other identifying information.

Incinerating Sensitive Documents

Incinerating confidential documents is an efficient and safe way to dispose of large volumes of paper. However, it requires a permit, which is not always easy to get. It is crucial to tear them into smaller pieces before putting them into the incinerator to ensure that the documents burn completely and leave no traces.

Hiring A Mobile Shredding Service

Hiring a mobile shredding service for confidential document disposal is a good idea. It’s not just for big businesses – individual households can also benefit from such services to protect themselves from identity theft and maintain privacy. Many people opt to shred personal papers after tax season, for example. Some companies will provide secure containers to hold your papers, which they will dispose of once a month. However, the service can be expensive, so you need to consider several factors before hiring one. First, ensure that you hire a company that follows the NAID standards. These standards include screening the employees of document shredding companies before hiring them. In addition, your materials should be supervised by a NAID agent at all times until the destruction process is complete. Moreover, the company you hire should have a vehicle that meets DOT regulations.

Using A Fire Pit

Using a fire pit to dispose of your confidential documents can be an effective way to destroy them safely. First, ensure you have an open area to burn your documents. Also, ensure that no nearby structures or branches could fall on the paper. You can also check local regulations to ensure you don’t break any laws. After securing the area, light a fire with paper and kindling. Then, carefully place the documents into the fire. Shredded paper is easy to burn and can easily catch on fire. Therefore, it is best to place bits of paper into the fire at a time rather than to place entire documents into the flame. 

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