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How to Choose the Perfect Home Floor Plans for Your New Abode

Over the past decade, builders have constructed around seven million new single-family homes. Are you looking to add your new house to that growing list?

If you’re still in the initial stages of the building process, then it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. In these early stages, you’ll need to make lots of big decisions, including choosing or creating your home floor plans!

With so many different styles and options to choose from, where do you even begin? Today, we’re sharing a few steps to help you nail down the perfect design. 

List Your Needs and Wants

Start by making a list of all the features you need your new home to have. This should be a conversation that includes your entire family and takes into account everyone’s requirements. 

A few examples of must-have needs include:

  • Handicap accessibility
  • A specific neighborhood or community
  • A specific school system

Needs can also include architectural elements such as a home office, an attached garage, or an in-law suite. These should be features that are absolute dealbreakers if not included. 

Then, make a longer list of things that you’d like to have in your home. These are your wants, which means you would still consider house floor plans that left them out, as long as other needs are met. Some examples include:

  • A walk-in shower
  • A spacious pantry
  • A primary bedroom on the lower level

Use these two lists to help navigate the first part of this process. If you are using an architect to create your floor plan designs, then make sure they have a copy.

Once you’re ready to start browsing your options, you can also use the list to narrow down your selection! A site like makes it easy to browse different floor plans online. 

Take a Look at Your Current Setup

Whether you’re living in a rental or a home you own, take a walk around the space before you leave. As you do, write down the design elements you like, along with those that you don’t.

Sometimes, seeing these features in real-life makes all the difference. While you observe your space with new eyes, you may even find that you don’t truly want a new home, after all! Consider if it would be a smarter and more economical move to simply update the elements that bother you rather than start from scratch.

Consider the Lot

Are you building a new home in the middle of a rolling farm? Will you be in a suburban neighborhood? What about an urban setting? 

Regardless, consider the property you’re building on. Take note of where the sun rises and sets, along with other details such as:

  • The location of shade trees
  • The location of neighboring windows
  • The best views
  • The best spots for breezes and airflow

As you browse different floor plan types, you can use this information to design a home that’s as comfortable as possible. This might mean putting your bedroom in a shadier location, or adding floor-to-ceiling windows to showcase a stunning view.

Create Home Floor Plans You’ll Love

You deserve a home that you adore coming home to at the end of the day. As you begin to consider home floor plans, think about the type of space that you want to create, and which features can help you get there. 

Along the way, we’re your go-to stop for everything related to real estate and financing. Check back here often for more tips on how to find and secure a property you love. 

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