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An Expert’s Advice on What to Wear For Concealed Carry

When concealing a firearm, the first step is to ensure that you have the right clothing. Structured oversized shirts will help hide the gun’s print and prevent it from getting tangled in fabric. Another key piece of ccw clothing to consider is undershirts, which can protect the gun’s finish from sweat corrosion. However, you don’t want to wear a heavy cotton undershirt. Instead, choose athletic wear that is designed to wick away sweat.

Structured Oversized Shirts

A structured oversized shirt will help conceal a concealed carry pistol. A structured shirt is made from a stiffer fabric than a regular oversized shirt, so the gun will not be visible. A solid color is not advisable, as it can draw attention to the weapon. Structured oversized shirts for concealed carry can be purchased in many sizes, cuts, and styles.

Several structured oversized shirts are available, including the peplum/ruffle hem shirt. These are designed to fit well through the upper body but flare out at the waist. They have multiple pockets and allow easy access to the concealed firearm. Additionally, they have almost no printing, which allows you to conceal the firearm without drawing attention.

Multi-Pocketed Vests

Multi-pocket vests are a great way to protect your gun. They are easy to carry, have plenty of storage space, and are pickpocket-proof. These vests are made with heavy-duty materials that resist moisture and rain and have a quilted lining for added warmth. They can be worn over long-sleeve shirts or large jackets and work in any climate.

There are many different styles and designs of concealed carry vests on the market. Choose a vest that works for your lifestyle and your preferences. You can choose from tactical or casual vests.


You can wear many types of clothing with a concealed carry holster. Whether you choose a simple inside-the-waistband holster or a more complex IWB holster, there is a garment that will cover your weapon. One popular option is a three-piece suit. This type of attire may not conceal a gun, as well as an IWB holster, but it can be worn in various situations.

Dressing in business casual is a great way to conceal your firearm without being overtly obvious. Many men who carry handguns in the workplace opt for this look. You can also wear a sport coat or a long blazer that can conceal your weapon. A longer sweater or unmatched vest is also a great way to hide your weapon.

Blazers with Pockets

A lightweight shirt is best, as it will drape around the gun and hide the shape of the gun. A heavy shirt can hide the shape of the gun, but it can also make it difficult to access the weapon if you need to draw quickly. If you must wear a heavy shirt, it’s best to choose a medium-weight one that is easily breathable and has an undershirt. A heavy jacket will also cover the gun, but it will be uncomfortable to wear in hot weather.

Business-casual attire is also a good option for concealed carry. It looks smart and professional, but it’s not too revealing. Many men prefer this style of dress to a suit and tie look. Business-casual outfits often include a concealing jacket and long trousers. Long sweater vests can also be worn to conceal the gun handle inside the waistband.

Thigh-Length Jackets

Wearing a thigh-length jacket to conceal a concealed carry gun has many benefits. Depending on the length of the jacket, it may be too long for you to draw a gun from your waist. You can always get it tailored to a higher length.

Most of these jackets are waterproof and have side zippers for easy access to the torso. They also have enough room to hold a firearm or ballistic vest. Some users may find that the sleeves are longer than they’d like. However, they’re great for outdoor use.

Many concealed carry gun owners prefer a three-piece suit, which allows them to conceal the weapon within the waistband. Similarly, you can make your waistcoat deliberately long to conceal your weapon when carried inside the waistband. Hand-tied ties are preferred in combat situations, and clip-on ties with breakaway clips aren’t as neat-looking.

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